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Selected lines of Sydney Rock Oyster spat is available for sale. Over the past two production seasons, over 37 million spat have been produced by four hatcheries including Port Stephens Fisheries Institute, Southern Cross Shellfish, Camden Haven Oyster Supply and Victorian Shellfish Hatchery. These spat were produced from broodstock that have been selected for fast growth and resistance to QX disease and Winter Mortality. Contact SOCo - 0402 677 534 for information, or contact hatcheries and nuseries directly using the Hatcheries and Nurseries tab to put in an order.


"Our mission is to protect and perpetuate breeding lines and families of Sydney Rock Oysters and enable the introduction of desirable, sustainable, heritable traits to improve growth, marketability, and the risk profile of the Sydney Rock Oyster " 


SOCo was established in 2004 by the Oyster Industry of NSW, to commercialise the selected lines of Sydney Rock Oyster (SRO) and to help all NSW oyster farmers improve productivity, sustainability and profitability. The selective breeding program was started in 1990 by the NSW DPI, and SOCo manages the broodstock lines and works closely with hatcheries to provide a commercial supply of selected stock to industry.  Read our Stragetic Plan

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What are our selected lines of stock, what is full-sibling mult-trait family breeding and what does it mean for the industry? See our R&D page.

How is the breeding program commercially accessible? See our Broodstock page.  

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$1000 Government rebates availble for SOCo customers. Click here for an application form

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 $50,000 rebate on SOCo Sydney Rock Oyster sp

Latest News

15 April 2016

Funding for hatchery training and capacity building for the SRO industry

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair has announced a $360,000 investment over the next three years to the NSW oyster industry. ...

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16 April 2016

NSW DPI Fisheries, Fishing and Aquaculture alerts

NSW DPI Fisheries alerts permit holders regularly, stay up to date here ...

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19 April 2016

$1000 rebates on SOCo levy

From 1st July 2015, the quota for spat rebates are increasing from $800 to $1000 per grower. Quotas will also be reset so that if you've already ...

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29 April 2016

Hatchery Hub

SOCo have launched the Hatchery Hub, designed to identify and resolve challenges in Sydney Rock Oyster hatchery production, to increase productio ...

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