In January 2017, family lines were commercially available for the first time in the history of the Sydney Rock Oyster breeding program.


SOCo is charged with managing commercial broodstock families, and providing select lines to hatcheries for commercial runs. To see a map of where our broodstock are held, click here.


Every year, a new year class of families is added to the broodstock repository for commercial use. These families are produced by our operational breeder the NSW DPI Port Stephens Fisheries Institute. Using genetic analyses on pedigree performance, and a CSIRO database management system, SOCo select which families from each year class are of most commercial value. We ensure that those broodstock are managed in such a way to maintain their genetic integrity, control for inbreeding and provide as best as possible quality broodstock to hatcheries on request. 


Currently, hatcheries are breeding the most QX resistant, fast growing families commercially available, while ensuring condition level is maintained.


YC2015 Wallis Lake
YC2015 Wallis Lake
WMR Narooma
Port Stephens Condition Trial