Looking for spat? Place an order directly with your preferred hatchery or nursery, and let them know what type and size of spat you need, and when you would like to purchase.


SOCo spat incurs a levy of $0.003 per oyster, across all size classes. Your hatchery or nursery will collect this levy at point of sale. 

Please be aware of current estuary closures before translocating spat. See the NSW DPI Aquaculture Closures website, or contact DPI Fisheries for closure information.


Camden Haven Oyster Supply - Hatchery and Nursery

Starting as a large nursery, Camden Haven Oyster Supply is now producing from its newly completed hatchery, supplying selected lines of Sydney Rock Oyster spat for nurseries and on growing 1-4mm+

For more information, price lists or to order spat contact Tony Troup  

0427 334 649 troup@camdenhavenoysters.com.au

Southern Cross Shellfish - Hatchery and Nursery

Greg Kent, Manager

In operation since 2008, Southern Cross Shellfish at Port Stephens NSW supplies to nurseries and for on growing 2mm+. They produce SOCo SRO, Wild SRO, Triploid PO, Diploid PO and Angasi. Prices depend on size and type, available on request. For more information and to order spat visit their website https://www.southerncrossshellfish.com/ or contact 

Dan Roden 0418 134 638 sales@tascleanwateroysters.com.au 

Greg Kent 0488 224 927 saltheart63@gmail.com

Diemar's Nursery

Geoff Diemar, Owner and Manager

A long-standing, large nursery, providing spat from 3-30 mm +. Sypply direct from the nursery to the farm. 

To order or inquire, contact Geoff (02) 4982 0500


Aquaculture Enterprises - Nursery

Dominic Boyton, Owner and Manager

Nurses large amount of spat at a time, for turnover to their farm, then for other growers in NSW. 

Contact Dominic Boyton
0487 240 260  merimbulagourmetoysters@gmail.com

Goodnight Oysters - Nursery

Leon and Angela Riepsamen, Owners and Managers

New owners with a history in nursery techniques, large capacity & for grow-out on their leases. Do not supply direct from the nursery but at various sizes after grow-out. Contact Leon and Angela 0488 472 111

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