Funding for Hatchery Training

In April 2016, the Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair announced a $360,000 investment for the industry for hatchery training programs until 2018.  

SOCo, with the support of the NSW Farmers Association secured this funding to launch a hatchery training and production capacity building program which will see hatchery expert consultants on the ground optimizing commercial hatchery operations. For the first time, a TAFE certified hatchery course will also be built and delivered through consulting services, tailored to oyster hatchery needs.


This program will be of huge benefit to the NSW oyster industry, improving the capacity of hatcheries to produce selected lines of Sydney Rock Oysters for the industry, and boost SOCo's operations in the family breeding program for the industry.  SOCo thank the Minister and NSW Local Land Services for this fantastic opportunity towards future proofing the industry. 

Hatchery Hub

In April 2016, SOCo launched a Sydney Rock Oyster Hatchery Hub with support from the FRDC. The Hub is designed to identify and resolve challenges in Sydney Rock Oyster hatchery production, to increase production and optimize operations. During this program, Sydney Rock Oyster hatchery expert Jonathan Bilton, Athair Aquaculture visited participating hatcheries in NSW and VIC for a few weeks to assess operations and provide advice on optimizing systems. The visits were very well received, and the outcomes of each are in the report, available on the link below. 

Hatchery Hub Workshops were held on 4th April at NSW DPI Port Stephens Fisheries Institute and 6th April Narooma Fishing Club. We thank the NSW DPI for the hatchery tour and support at both workshops in presenting the latest data on family lines, and displaying some of the family lines. We thank the farmers who brought SOCo stock for displays, and all those who contributed to the discussion. 

Floating Upwellers:FLUPSYs

FLUPSY technology has been pioneered by Prof Dale Leavitt and his team at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island. Dale was in Australia in June 2014 touring oyster farms in NSW, SA, and TAS on a People Development Award Visiting Expert Bursary supported by funding from the FRDC and on behalf of the Australian Government. Dale talked about FLUPSYs and how to assemble them. Some growers in Australia are applying the concept in their own businesses. 

Gary and Sam Rodely, Tathra Oysters, have built their own solar powered, proof of concept FLUPSY for their farm. They were inspired to experiment and build their proof of concept FLUPSY after learning about the success FLUPSY technology is having in handling and growing spat on commercial farms in the USA. Check out their video below, thanks to them for sharing it with us. You can also read the final report on the link below. If you'd like more detailed reports, please contact us. 

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