Our Board

Matt Wassnig (Chair)

Matt is currently undertaking the role of interim company Chair. He has worked within the Australian aquaculture  industry for 15 years, including having owned and managed a Sydney Rock Oyster farming business. Matt started his career as an research scientist and has completed a PhD in hatchery culture of pearl oysters at James Cook University. He is a former member of the NSW Shellfish Committee, NSW Aquaculture Research Advisory Committee and Fisheries Research Advisory Committee (Deputy Chair).

P 0402 435 656 

E  matthew.wassnig@gmail.com

Jane Clout

Jane manages oyster leases in Moreton Bay Queensland. She has operated there over the last 12 years. She represents the Queensland industry as Secretary to the Association, member of the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Committee, and a Board member for Oysters Australia.

P 0419 786 631

E jclout@kooringaloysters.com.au

Tony Troup

Tony has owned and operated an oyster farm on the Camden Haven River, on the Mid-North Coast of NSW for 30 years.  He has built and operates a nursery and hatchery at his site. He is a member of NSW DPI’s Aquaculture Research Advisory Committee, member of the NSW Shellfish Committee, the NSW Oyster Committee, the Board member Oysters Australia,  and Chair of the NSW Oyster Industry Strategic Plan Implementation Group. Tony completed an MSc in Aquaculture in 2001.

P 0427  334 649

E troup@camdenhavenoysters.com.au

Ana Rubio

Ana has extensive experience in aquaculture (European lobster,  mussels, oysters) gained through her work back in Europe and in Australia. Ana has been working with the Australian oyster industry for over 15 years through projects such as: the development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS),  the Sustainable Oyster Assessment Program (SOAP) and development of a prototype online Information Portal for oyster farmers. She has also set up an array of innovative oyster monitoring programs based around commercial oyster graders and has worked with the Australian Pearl oyster industry. Ana completed her PhD on environmental factors driving the sustainable Sydney Rock oyster production in 2007.

P 0427 285 999

E anarubio.zuazo@gmail.com

Brad Evans

Brad is an applied geneticist with over 15 years experience and a PhD in aquaculture genetics. He has hatchery expertise primarily in the pearl oyster industry and several years experience in the operation and commercialization of selective breeding programs in shellfish and salmon working with CSIRO, SALTAS, universities and industry partners. He is currently the geneticist at Tassal Operations and manages the Tasmanian Atlantic salmon selective breeding program for Salmon Enterprises of Tasmania.  

P 0414 675 293

E Bradley.Evans@tassal.com.au

Anthony Sciacca

Anthony is a third generation oyster grower and business owner from Wallis Lake. He has been with several industry bodies including Chair of NSW Farmer's Oyster section, State Quality Assurance Program, and is currently on the NSW Industry Strategic Implementation Group. He has been growing wild caught seed for the majority of his farming career, and more recently seen the benefits of growing SOCo stock. He's actively engaged in broodstock caring and he contributes a valuable 'on farm perspective' and champions the selective breeding program.

P 0413 774 122

E anthonyvsciacca@gmail.com

Dominic Boyton

Dom is a second generation oyster grower and business manager from Merimbula Gourmet Oysters. He's had an active role in the commercialization of the Sydney Rock Oyster breeding program since it began including in research and broodstock caring. He has vast experience in all aspects of SRO culture, from stick, to single seed, hatchery and nursery culture and has been involved in development of innovative farming techniques for years through his membership of ARAC, the Seafood CRC, and the quality assurance program, and is currently on the NSW Industry Strategic Implementation Group.    

P 0487 240 260

E merimbulagourmetoysters@gmail.com 

Michael Egan

Michael is currently the Managing Director of a specialist veterinary company focused on product and commercial development of novel nutritional products for the aquaculture industry. He is degree qualified in microbiology and pharmacology, with functional experience in sales, marketing, product development, strategic management and business improvement.

Emma Wilkie

Emma is currently with NSW DPI Fisheries working in estuarine management as part of the Marine Estate Management Strategy. Prior to this, she was SOCo’s Operations Manager, and has been employed by Australia’s Oyster Coast as a Research Officer. Her background is in estuarine ecology and she has a PhD from Macquarie University with a focus on oyster reef ecology, invasive species and selective breeding. She is a member of the FRDC NSW RAC, a National Seafood Industry Leadership Program alumni and keeps actively involved with the oyster industry in various volunteer capacities. She lives in Ballina with her family, and keeps busy spending time with her two bubbly little boys.


Luke Messer (Secretary)

Luke is the general manager of Finance and Operations for NSW Farmers Association with over twenty years experience in the area of governance for large corporations and in the last five years, focussing on not for profits. 

P (02) 9478 1040

E messerl@nswfarmers.org.au

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